Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wow! New excellent racing car launched by Red Bull

Valencia (AFP) - Formula One Constructors' World Champion, Red Bull, launchs better perfomance of their newest amazing race car, named RB7, Tuesday.

Opening of the veil covering car racing, which in the coming season will be targeted for defeat by all competitors, conducted by the two riders, one of which is the youngest world champion in the history of F1, Sebastian Vettel (23) from Germany, and Mark Webber of Australia.

On occasion, Vettel stated that Red Bull has been transformed from the hunter becomes the hunted, for that they must focus on maintaining the speed and resilience of their cars for what they achieved last year, the crown of world champion racing driver and constructors' world champion, can be maintained.

"Race season will be very heavy and long, fierce rivalry going," said Vettel when being asked for his response about 2011 racing season will consist of 20 series races, which had never happened before. Bahrain will host the opening race on March 13, 2011.

"I think we need to focus again, although the motivation is no longer a problem," said Vettel.

"Our situation today is different from last year, may be more complicated and difficult because at that time we only focus on pursuing a degree, while now we have to defend it," he said again.

"Now we must develop a car by reference to how great our achievements last year, if not, it means a setback," said Vettel.

"If we use the same approach that we used last year so that means we do not currently lead to progress," said Vettel closing news conference.

The team leader Red Bull's Christian Horner, said that two successful title they achieved last year has given them confidence and hope for even better results without being snobbish.

"I believe that over next season we will be getting better," said Horner.

Car designer and technical heads Red Bull, Adrian Newey, who had managed to bring three different teams into F1 world champion, predicted that their competitors are preparing for their ultimate weapons this season.

He estimates that the McLaren team have not revealed their race car this year to prepare something surprising.

According to Newey is possible team McLaren is preparing something special or is detecting the presence of a breakthrough that can be maximized.

"Therein lies the pull of F1 where there is always a possibility for someone to come up with ideas that are more intelligent and never thought of before by us," he told reporters.

Even so Adrian Newey preferring to issue his car early on the grounds he wanted the car more quickly adapt to changes in tire supplier this season.

Replace Pirelli Bridgestone as the sole tire supplier for F1 team this year.

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