Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why does Prince Charles hate motorcycles when watching both beloved sons taking a big motorcycles on the road?

LONDON-If charismatic Prince William was crazy about challenging big motorbikes, otherwise it is then different to 180 degrees with the father.

Prince Charles even states unequivocally that he hates motorcycles. "I hates motorbikes!" Charles firmly as quoted from Visordown, Tuesday (14/12/2010).

He said his hatred feeling will wheel the two when speaking to members of the armed forces at St james recently.

Charles admitted he hates motorcycles because it look at the potential dangers of these vehicles. "Therefore, I am always alarmed about my children,"explained Charles.

Concern is not revealed without reason, considering his two beloved sons, Prince William and Prince Harry are very fond of motorcycle.

"I hate motorcycles but my kids are exactly interested in it. I can be there for a balance with them," said Charles.

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