Sunday, April 3, 2011

Who is behind of Sebastian Vettel's winning? and let's talk to Adrian Newey

Milton Keynes - Who is the figure behind the scenes of amazing success of Sebastian Vettel. The correct answer is none other than Adrian Newey RB7 as the creative and brilliant architect of aerodynamics. All were among the instigators of the F1 no one denies this quick assumption. Even the legendary British racing driver Sir Jackie Stewart also admitted it.

Since venture into the world of F1 in the 1990s, Newey at least has helped a number of famous drivers like Neill Mansell, Damon Hill, Jacques Villenueve and now Vettel. Together with Red Bull, Newey managed to deliver these young racers won the world title for the first time.

"Newey car looks so good, so good for drivers. I almost paid for a single rider. They make it so easy.'s Possible, I could go back and Striling perform (race)," explained Stewart gives an appreciation for their hard work Newey build a competitive car .

On the other hand, Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner explains, a bit like Newey individuals who work with the conventional way in F1 in the modern era like now. "Newey not like most other people. He is working with a great team with equipment to make the latest design.

"Often he made a sketch with a pencil. I do not think too much (equipment) that tersisisa in F1 who use pencil, paper, and drawing board. But it always worked!," Said Horner was quoted as saying the Exspress, Wednesday (31 / 3 / 2011)

The response of praise ditujukannya Newey told him simply, he just wanted to design a competitive car but safe for the drivers as quickly collide on the track. Newey principled, his reputation would be tarnished if he made a mistake in designing the car.

"If I instantly feel has done something that causes a agile racing driver was killed because of unsafe and bad faulty design, it is very difficult to go back there (to F1)," said Newey

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