Saturday, April 2, 2011

What kind of car do women really like mostly in USA?

Honestly i am curious what kind of car is mostly selected by women and it is more attracted to choose the car instead to make a date with a guy? Probably, The form is cute, the price is affordable, and it's easy to use.

And the correct answer is, VW New Beetle! Yes, according to a trusted survey officially conducted by IRM TrueCar, Volkswagen Beetle is still an excellent car with the popular top women in the U.S.

As officially reported by the Wall Street Journal on wonderful Thursday (17/06/2010) that data taken was not arbitrary, but it was data from more than 13 millions vehicle registration in the United States in the last two years.

As many as 65 percent of the car registration revealed , it was still contributed by the male, while the rest was the women later.

Here are the nine most popular cars on the written list of TrueCar among the women:
Volkswagen Beetle 56,1%
Nissan Rogue 53.5%
Hyundai Tucson 53%
Volkswagen Eos 53%
Volvo S40 51.9%
Honda CR-V 51.3%
Kia Sportage 50.5%
Toyota RAV4 50.4%
Nissan Sentra 50.1%

That's for per tipe of favorite vehicle surveyed. As for a favorite brand followed, creative Korean automakers, Kia seems to have been able to attract dinamic interest in American women.

KIA lead with obtained sympathy from 45.8 percent of respondents while the Mitsubishi which was in the top 10 won sympathy from 41.5 percent of respondents.

Favorite brand in the eyes of U.S. women:

At least, now I understand what kind of most favourite car optioned by women in U.S. and it's better for me to ask for several girls or women of U.S. why they choose. There is no detail about it except asking to them directly.

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