Sunday, April 17, 2011

Waiting for Transsformers Movie III, Bumblebee get expanded

CALIFORNIA, - Transformers Movie III have not also appeared, Bumblebee had already "grown up". Aging? It's not. It's just a limousine version of the Chevrolet Camaro 2011. Sedan is renowned as one of the robot-car movie.

Pinnacle Limousine Manufacturing of Hacienda Heights, California, makes the sedan was "stretched" almost twice the standard length of 4.8 meters.

According to the company Lakeview Custom Coach limousine rental, limousine Bumblebee may contain 9-12 passengers and it will be provided in the colors of exterior and interior are in accordance with the orders. Can it be ordered? That's roughly.

Rental fee for the promo began 11 April 2011 is 5,000 U.S. dollars. Unfortunately, Lakeview Custom Coach does not explain this price for the rental period for how long.

But if you want to buy it, Lakeview Custom Coach has put the price of 84,550 U.S. dollars.

Other rental companies, Avolar Limousine / Party Bus Playboy, saying that the "guts" Bumblebee can be set with the attached by CD and DVD player, plug the iPod and MP3, DVD, large TV screens, and tiny bars. The interior is colorful and glowing because it's fitted with mirror panels, many lasers, and fiber optics. Everything is integrated with logos and typical designs of the Transformers so that the cabin is similar to running a special fan club film.

Maybe the kids of billionaire would be interested in renting a car is because the promo season would soon take place. Beyond that, should also be questioned, how it forms of a robot of Bumblebee when his stomach just stretch out like this?

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