Sunday, April 3, 2011

Waiting for superb successor of Ferrari 599

Although nowadays the world is fascinated with the birth of the latest car Ferrari FF, the excellent Italian sports car manufacturer it seems will continue to innovate. Elegant Ferrari reportedly is preparing a replacement of 599.

As quoted from Topspeed, exotic cars will be launched next year considering that the stock of 599 production already sold out until the end of the year.

Better successor of the Ferrari 599 is rumored to be applying the latest GT model with a V12 gasoline engine similar to that used in Ferrari FF.

Even so, the amazing power of the super fast successor is greater than 599 reached until 700 hp. It is greater than the energy-owned Ferrari FF only save power of 600 hp.

Also, this powerful and super fast successor to the Ferrari 599 Ferrari will not be following the FF who already use four-wheel drive or 4WD. Due to this new car, Ferrari will retain rear-wheel drive system alias rear wheel drive (RWD).

Reasonable weight successor to the Ferrari 599 will also be lighter than the fantastic Ferrari FF who was pointed out to be possible with ductile carbon fiber in some complicated parts.

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