Monday, April 18, 2011

Volvo Diesel Engine is More Powerful and it become to save Money

Gothenburg-In Europe, diesel engines are now to be excellent. Almost all producers, from city cars to luxury, are offering a diesel product. The reason, the modern diesel engine technology with "common rail" is more friendly to the environment, more efficient fuel consumption, sound engine which it is no longer harsh and more subtle vibration.

In addition, for treatment, it's not too complicated so that it's more practical and economical. Hence, it's more and more manufacturers to develop diesel engines with better capabilities.

One European manufacturer aggressively developing a diesel engine is a Volvo. Last Swedish car maker is now owned by Geely, China, modify to increase the working capacity of the diesel engine used for the V70, XC70 and S60, the cylinder D5 engine, 5-cylinder turbo diesel and and D3.

Piezo-electric injectors
For the D5 engine-improved ability produces power and torque from 205PS/420Nm into PS and 440 Nm 215. Simultaneously it's more economical fuel consumption to 8 percent.

With this new engine, the fuel consumption of the Volvo S80 is fitted with a manual transmission system start / stop system, the fuel consumption (combined) - based on the European test standard - 4.9 literl/100 km or 20.4 km / liter.

it points out that Similarly, if a better driving techniques, it will make the fuel consumption and lower pollution. This Volvo develops certain parts of the machine, with a target of decreasing barriers of frictions.

"Actually, the development in some parts of the machine that performed at the same time making the car is more stable to be steered. Operational costs are also cheap / It took a while to determine and fix the small details for the machine work more efficiently, "says Derek Crabb, Vice President of Powertrain Engineering Volvo Cars.

Sequential Turbo
Before the developed again, D5 engine is considered as the best diesel engine in its class. Because this engine uses a twin-turbo technology, sequential (consecutive), glow plugs and fuel piezo-electric injectors ceramic .

New features developed in a twin-turbo engine is turbocharged with two different sizes, working in tandem to increase the power in the range of engine speed is greater. As a result, the engine become more responsive and powerful and more stable at high rotation speed up. Piezo electric injector technology makes the distribution of fuel into the combustion chamber become more accurate.

Meanwhile D3 engine produces 183 PS power and 400 Nm of torque Vovlo introduced in S60 and V60 in 2010 essentially the same as D5. It's just a shorter step so that the capacity down to 2.0 liters.

Both engines use the same injector, namely piezo-electric. With accuracy and high working pressure, the injector is working more effectively to produce combustion. Further, the diesel-engined car is steadily accelerated at various speeds and engine putarn.

Other factors that also make it more powerful diesel engine, turbocharger used is the type of geometry that can change the alias VGT (variable geometry turbocharger). Angle leaf blade turbo or turbine-corner changes according to engine speed or the pressure of exhaust gases expelled by the engine.

D3 engine power and torque remained unchanged. Nevertheless, the ability of this engine makes the car more comfortable to use it steered.

"Modern diesel engines, torque is greater than power. With a big torque, acceleration over short distances is better than gasoline engines, "explained by Derek Crab.

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