Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vladimir Putin looks enthusiastic for test drive of Renault's Formula One Car

Moscow - Charismatic Russian Prime Minister of Vladimir Putin is famed hobby of exciting driving cars and motorcycles. Last weekend, Putin really got a gift draw from Renault, which is testing the F1 car.

As quoted autoblog, on Monday (8/11/2010) Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn came to Russia in order to purchase 50 percent stake in Russian car company Avtovaz. In a visit that Ghosn brought a Renault F1 car that finally used Putin.

Using a color-patterned helmet Russia accompanied by a written Russian and Renault's clothes, Putin signed in the cockpit. Putin listened carefully to a short discourse of the Renault engineers to be able to adapt to the narrowness of the cockpit and how to drive F1 car.

Although tested only one round on a wet circuit Putin apparently quite good although not as good as a professional racer. Putin can travel 241 km per hour.

Test drive this accomplished by Putin may be a teaser of Russia plan to hold competitive F1 race in 2014. Russia trusted for the first time will hold a wonderful Formula 1 racing season in 2014.

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