Monday, April 18, 2011

Vettel really Warn Team to Develop RB7

Because of second finish in China F1, Sebastian Vettel directly reminds his team Red Bull Racing (RBR). Besides RB7 need to be improved again, it is failed to win the third round to be a lesson for the team that twice Pitstop is the wrong tactic.

"We've fought too hard with twice the Pitstop," said by Vettel. When using hard compound tires, "I saw Lewis come quickly and close. I try not to lose time and fight to finish with the best position," he pointed out.

It said holders of the standings (47 digits), he and his team made ​some mistakes and also had some problems. "And today we learned a lot and I am the only one who twice Pitstop,"said Vettel.

Problems they experienced, of whom less good a radio so he could not hear clearly from pit information. Many of my questions was unanswered, including the proposed change of Pitstop for three times with soft tires. "So it was also with KERS, to convey the complaint did not get a response," explained by the 2010 world champion.

With it's a small event in China, Vettel remind his team for RB7 need to be developed again. He was worried about performance of the car when the race entered Europe. Because, a team like Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes certainly want to reap a big achievement.

RB7 Vettel has not been perfect in the eyes right. So is the car teammate, Mark Webber. Team inconsistencies in the use of KERS in car racer Webber made ​​an appearance in Australia was not optimal. When they decided not to wear in Malaysia and China, we can observe the results. He was the start of the 18th sequence.

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