Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vettel get between lessons in China and in Turkey's Bad Memory

After Chinese GP F1 race, he will now be heading to Europe with the GP of Turkey became the first stopover. For defending champion of Sebastian Vettel, this will give a double challenge.

Dominance of Vettel in this season finally vanished in the third series in China on Sunday (04/17/2011). If the two series before the Red Bull driver loyal top podium, this time he had to let go stand on Lewis Hamilton of McLaren.

Results were not separated from the two Pitstop strategy used by Red Bull, which is selected in the middle of the race. Thanks to this strategy, Vettel was able to catch up from the opposite but also struggling to maintain its position due to scour the condition of the tires.

"We probably tried too hard to use two stop. It's no good (try too hard), I tried to survive as much as possible without losing much time," Vettel in Autosport.

Fortunately the condition that Vettel and RB7 that he is still quite strong drive to be able to finish in second position. Valuable points were collected by the young German, who now have a 68 digit result of three series races.

Vettel himself could not relax. Although still leading the standings, he still wanted by the duo of McLaren, Hamilton and Jenson Button. Hamilton was stalking with a difference 21 points while 30 points behind Button.

F1 is now leaving the Asian continent to continent in contrast to Europe. Turkish GP on May 8 will be the first race, with Vettel and Red Bull will be reminded of the poor record last season.

May 30, 2010 in Istanbul. After dominating in the last few races, Red Bull go to pieces at the Turkish Grand Prix after the two drivers collided with each other with direct Vettel out while Webber is able to recover and finish third. Which take advantage of it is McLaren, who two drivers now also being trailed Vettel.

Thus the challenge now awaits Vettel. Not just for the return ride to the top podium, but also wipe out the last story in Turkey.

Somehow Vettel rate in Turkey later. One thing is for sure, Vettel admitted that he had important lessons from its inability to be a champion at the Chinese Grand Prix.

"Today we learned a lot. I'm the only rider with two stop here (podium) so it is definitely there are many things to be discussed," said Vettel.

The next F1 race will be held in Istanbul on May 8, 2011. Last year the race was won by Hamilton while Button, while still defending Brawn, debuted a year earlier.

Noted there is a new name of Felipe Massa who was managed to register more than one victory there. The Ferrari driver was in a row three times a champion in between 2006 to 2008. Racing here itself began in 2005 with Kimi Raikkonen finished first champion.

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