Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tesla claim that Roadster Power Reduce Fuel Consumption until 1.9 Million Liter

California - Manufacturer of electric car from Palo Alto, California, United States, Tesla Motors, sold 150 thousand units of Roadster in 30 countries. According to the skillful manufacturer, Tesla influenced to fuel savings of up to 500 thousand gallons, or it is about 1.9 million liters.

it means the huge numbers of these existed cars have contributed to reduce CO2 emissions equivalent to 5.3 million pounds. "We have been indebted to the rider Roadster in the world for being the pioneer users of electric vehicles," said Elon Musk, brilliant founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Motors in, Tuesday, March 29.

Tesla Roadster was first introduced in 2008. Sports car is purely electric-powered cars. If the battery is fully charged, Roadster is capable of racing up to 392 kilometers per hour (kpj). The sprint or speed of motion of 000-100 kpj achieved in just 3.7 seconds.

"Musk actually added products proved to be a world-class vehicle. "practical and fun," he said.

October 2010, stock Tesla was bought by Toyota for U.S. $ 50 million. Toyota is also investing U.S. $ 60 millions for the development of the Toyota RAV4 Crossover with Tesla's advanced electric technology.

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