Monday, April 11, 2011

Talk about most advanced cars, Qadhafi's not defeated by James Bond

Tripoli - As a full-controversial figure, Libyan leader of Colonel Muammar Qadhafi, is very aware of where and whenever danger is always spyng him by political opponents and their opponents at any time after his whole life.

Because of that, it's other than fond of living in tents, Qadhafi also ensure the car riding as safe as possible. He did not want any use to be made by manufacturers in general.

As reported by the page of, Monday (11 / 4), Qadhafi ordered a special car with safety features topnotch in 1999. However, it is not obvious who the manufacturer is working on that car. Because the government and producers are also concerned to keep it secret for reasons of security.

"Since 1999, the car is maintained as the official vehicle of leader today," the page was written.

El-Jamahiriya Saroukh or meaning Rocket Libya, so the car was named. Interestingly, the car owns powerful features. "The design is similar to that ridden car was nicknamed by the British secret agent James Bond 007 in detective movies," the BBC writes.

Page write, in addition to having advanced features both comfort and safety, glass and car body is immune to bullets. "Cars with a capacity of five passengers were equipped with a powerful V6 engine 230 horsepower,"stated by the government source was quoted by the website.

The design, purportedly drafted by a man born in Surt, Tripolitania, June 7, 1942. "His form is a little weird but not so bad," said the trusted source.

When ordering, complete leader named Abu Muammar al-Qadhafi Minyar it only asked for two colors: black and white. Price tag of, at that time, 2 million Euros.

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