Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Suzuki Kizashi Concept and Review

Suzuki announced Thursday plans to unveil a new concept car at auto show in New York in two weeks. Called the Concept Kizashi 3, the car offers glimpse of car design direction expected for a luxury sedan to come.
 As its name suggests, the concept is the third car ‘Kizashi’ show, and is shown next to the Concept Kizashi and Concept Kizashi 2. Concept Kizashi 3 represents the end of the Kizashi concept series and offers as a more close-to-production of a future Suzuki sport sedan offering.
 Suzuki has already announced that it will produce three variants Kizashi – wagon, CUV and sedan. Kizashi and Kizashi 2 has been submitted to the wagon and CUV body styles, respectively, so try the latest preview of the design concept sedan. When the previous concepts were powered by diesel and V6 engines, the newest design Kizashi would be powered by a V8 engine, coupled to an AWD system.

from : http://autombem.com/2547/suzuki-kizashi-concept-and-review

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