Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Surfing while driving is quite amazing when your car having Saab iQon Infotainment completed by Android

Google's Android operating system used on smart mobile phone (smartphone) has already penetrated into the car infotainment system. As a result, operation of entertainment equipment in the car even easier: simply by pressing the icons and scrolling display. Amazingly, many applications allow cars condition monitoried and knowned remotely.

Manufacturers who have tried the Android operating system for cars is the Saab of Sweden. It is not yet commercialized or manufactured in bulk, but it has been shown to the public. More precisely, a touch screen infotainment system that is named by Saab iQon, already installed on the company's latest concept car, which it is Phoenix.

Car is mentioned latter , his performance is equally interesting, namely sports futuristic with the door open scissors model, currently on display at the Geneva International Motorshow 2011, Geneva, Switzerland.

operating iQon into modem
IQon Saab infotainment system is based on the computer accompanied by a modem. So, once the ignition is turned on, the automatic system is directly connected to the internet. Control or operations performed by 8-inch touch screen which it can access the "streaming" audio and video, online navigation, and to store songs.

The greatness of the system can use an application made by any third party. For this, the Saab uses application programming interface (API). Yes, it is just as smart cellular phone with Android operating system.

Third-party applications are created to gain access to work with more than 500 signals from various types of sensors on the car. The sensors are working to measure the speed of the car, location, direction of travel wobble, steering angle, rotation and torque of the engine, interior and exterior temperature, air pressure in the vicinity (barometer), until the sun's position.

By using this open operating system-Saab calls it "open innovation"-infotainment systems will be updated with the latest applications at any time, including use as a means of communication, telematic, monitor, and diagnostics. In fact, the appearance of the screen can be adjusted to taste every person who drives car.

"With the Saab iQon, there is no limit to innovate," said Johan Formgren, head of Saab Sales Service, and commercial project leader for iQon. "We invite the global community for Android application development using the imagination, expertise, and their intelligence," he added.

To ensure the driver is busy himself with his toys, such as "Angry Birds" are more popular today, all applications must be "placed" in the Saab Store iQon evaluated first.

In this way also, Saab hopes, technicians of dealers can diagnose technical problem car from a distance, knowing the vehicle data, fix and put options or new features. Added, the version on display Saab infotainment Android now been tested, but it is still Beta!

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