Thursday, April 7, 2011

Subaru Legacy recently install auto brakes for Collision Prevention

Tokyo - Figures of car accident ignited the growing sense of concern of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd (Subaru manufacturer). Because of this, the manufacturer will complement its products are widespread in various parts of the world with automatic braking devices.

EyeSight, so the system is named. Subaru's first car out of Japan that will get a device that is the Subaru Legacy. The elegant car is marketed in Australia this year.

"The device was a collision prevention system by utilizing a camera mounted on the rearview mirror,"the statement of Subaru as reported on Thursday (7 / 4).

How it works is quite simple automatic brake. Cameras will monitor the object in front of the car - both vehicles and pedestrians - and then calculate its distance.

The calculation result is sent to a sensor. When the calculation results demonstrate the potential of collision is very large, then the sensor will command the brake to stop the car.

The process of stopping a car with braking devices it just takes time in seconds. However, it provided that the speed of the car when it was no more than 30 miles per hour or 48 kilometers per hour.

Subaru is optimistic, the presence of devices in Japan have been introduced in May 2010 then it would boost sales of its products. Evidently, this manufacturer determine that the target sales of cars are equipped EyeSight 600 units per month.

Moreover, during the excellent Legacy is also listed as a best-selling model. Last year, Subaru was managed to market 10 thousand units of cars in less than a year.

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