Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stunning but unique golden motorcycles modification

GERMANY- Proud to be able to build an old motorcycle, let alone to get rewarded a major trophy when participating in the contest. This is what might be perceived by Larry Lamb Houghtonand Engineering from the British crew. They won the title of champion in the event Custom Chrome International Bike Shows,March 27, in Mainz, Germany.

Larry was then to include a motor 1951 BSA Goldstar"compromised" in such a way and given the name "Son of A Gun".

If you see the picture and said, "Well this is not a BSA Goldstar,"then Larry et al would be confusing. The shape is almost stripped of authenticity.

Motor is a champion in this class Class Championship inspire machine-made ZB model predicted the 1951 capacity of 499 cc.Larry claims that the machines are usually noisy was originally used for racing. The transmission gear device packageis taken from military motor BSA M20.

They then create a forged steel frame and welded to produce the impression of "skinny". Meanwhile, handlebars, tank, until the sternis made style cafe racer.

Sections were then combined with the chains that are left bare.Style inverted front forks, while the front and rear legs fitted with typical super motorbike tires with alloy wheels measure 17 inches.

A unique, the rear suspension seemed to be left alone. He is no longer "assigned" to hold direct rear tires, but made ​​as if Monoshock (though there are two suspension) and attached directly to the frame machine.

"His style is a mix of motorcycle racing in the 1960s Honda and Yamaha FS1E," said Larry. He was with the team spent 1200 hours to build this motorbikes and buy some spare parts from eBay.

The total cost of development "Son Of A Gun" was gold and chrome is reached by 9800 U.S. dollars, or approximately USD 90 million and it does not include crew costs. At a reasonable price for the cup championship? Larry is least satisfied to smile

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