Monday, April 4, 2011

SsangYong and Kia Realize and Develop New Electric Concept Car

SEOUL- At the Seoul Motor Show 2011 which took place at this time, the two Korean car manufacturers display the newest electric car concept. SangYong display KEV2 included in the compact SUV segment.

Informed Consent, Korean manufacturers will introduce electric cars in three and four years.Powerful propulsion system is similar to "Korando C EV" on excellent display at the Busan International Motor Show last year.

Batteries applied in the lithium-polymer capacity of 35 kWh to the voltage 350 volts. These batteries made by LG Chem and claimed to be able to run a car 180 km for all content.

For electric motors, this section made by SsangYong, electric motor capable of generating 120 kW of power and posted on the front. It mentioned maximum speed of 150 km / hour.

This SUV dimensions, length 4441 mm, width 1860 mm, height 1690 mm, with 2650 mm wheelbase. Revealed Similarly, the electric car concept was developed together with Mahindra & Mahindra SsangYong of India as the authorized owner of 70 percent stake SsangYong today.

Kia did not miss show a compact electric vehicle concept that is named Naimo (KND-6). This amazing car takes lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 27 kWh which is made by LG Chem. Powerful batteries for all qualified content capable of moving the car as far as 200 kms. However, no further information from Kia about plans to produce this powerful electric car.

Naimo using synchronously permanent magnet motor exactly mounted on the front side of the car. Power and torque produced by electric motors 80 kW and 280 Nm. Not clear about the weight, but this car is claimed to speed up to 150 km / hour.

The car does not own the B pillar to the second side door opening into the opposite direction. Dimensions, length 3890 mm, width 1844 mm, and height 1589 mm, with 2647 mm wheelbase.

The name comes from the Korean word of Naimo and "ne-mo" means box.

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