Sunday, April 10, 2011

Smart Forspeed express awesome feature as electric cars

The giant German manufacturer, Daimler AG, today officially launched the latest photos from the smart family. Smart roadster model is named by smart forspeed concept and it will be displayed at the Geneva Motor Show 2011 event which it will take place next month.

As a cars concept themed by smart roadster brings an astonishing aura of a 'little car'. With electric machine of "zero-emission", this concept of smart roadster forspeed is the embodiment of a promising future vehicles. Smart roadster forspeed complete the line of offerings of concept vehicles such as the concept of smart scooters and smart bike concept.

Electric engine grafted in the rear wheel of smart forspeed is capable of generating power by 40 bhp. Such power can catapult a smart forspeed up to speed 120 km / h, even more. Because there are still energy savings of 7 bhp which it can be injected through the system of 'overboost'.

Lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 16.5 kWh have traveled distances up to 135 kms from the fully charged condition until it is exhausted. It is more awesome that charging the battery with a 'quick charge' takes 45 minutes only through electrical socket of 220 volt.

feature of smart forspeed design fully loaded by luxurious glossy and futuristic touches. Windshield (wind deflector) is equipped by solar-cell or solar power that is able to meet electricity needs in the cabin. See also view of the front grille design which it takes the pattern of 'nest wasps' or honeycomb, giving the humble futuristic impression.

"It is Unique and full of futuristic electric impression. Definitely, it is still showing a smart identity of previous generation," said by Steffen Kohl, Head of Design for Mercedes-Benz, in the manufacturer's official website.

Simple design pushed the interior view which it reminds us of the design of a fast boat. Stand for smart phone devices in the cabin and it can be adjusted by the driver's point of view. Another Side of luxury leather comes from all over the interior, especially on the doors, steering wheel and shift knob. It is 'Magic Button' which it can increase energy savings of 7 bhp located in the center console to become a point which it is very tempting to spend forspeed performance.

"Although it is not produced in the near future, every element of the smart forspeed will be transformed into a smart future projects," said by Dr. Annette Winkler, head of smart.

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