Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scumi protest: don't write off my solid team for title

Brackley - Worse Performance was really resulted by Mercedes on race debut in Australia last week. However, Michael Schumacher stated that it was too soon to write off his team of strong struggle for the prestigious title of this competitive season.

"No doubt, we are determined to show a different performance than the previous inaugural race, which is very disappointing for us all," said Schumacher told Autosport, Saturday (02/04/2011).
High expectations are disclosed by Mercedes when it arrived in Melbourne. The reason, Schumacher and Nico Rosberg appears so bright in the qualification round. Unfortunately, the two McLaren drivers could not finish the race. It certainly makes Schumi and Rosberg disappointed.

However, high re-determination carried by Schumache for Seven-time champion of Formula One (F1) was promised, the performance will be different races in Malaysia Mercedes when scrolling, the next week.

"We see it as a challenge, and it is too quick to strike us from seizing champion. Even so, everyone on this team keep thinking positive, and has the intention to fight all out,"continued the driver from Germany.

"So, we hope to achieve a better result for us at the next race, a competititve race that revelaed our resurgence," confirmed by the former Ferrari star.

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