Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rare Toyota 2000 GT released in1967 For Sale and don't wait for the auction!

TOYOTA 2000 GT sports car that 1967 was the beginning of his birth much criticism and even censure from automotive critics at the time. But after 44 years it passed, the car became the rare vehicle appealing many people.

Toyota's sport-utility vehicles developed with Yamaha is made for 351 units only and 84 units of which have the steering wheel left and only 62 units are thrown into the U.S. market. The rest is the right wheel model.

Toyota 2000 GT is one left in America who estimated that only 40 units that still exist. This vehicle is still on first-hand purchased in St. Louis, Missouri. After a long hanging in the garage, the vehicle is restored back seriously.

The engine was dismantled and rebuilt, while the interior repaired again in Maine Line Exotics in Bidderford, Maine, the eastern U.S. state of Vermont. This vehicle contained in the list of cars that will be sold on eBay with a price tag of U.S. $ 650,000.

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