Monday, April 25, 2011

Problem Khas Daihatsu Terios

Typical problems Daihatsu Terios, Symptoms Pull Into One Direction

JAKARTA - Some owners Terios and Rush had complained about the direction the car is always 'interesting' to the left. "It was not immediately released when the steering wheel pulling to the left, but slowly," said Taufik Surinegara, users Daihatsu Terios, 2007, which was also chairman Terios Rush Club Indonesia (TeRuCi).

"But when I replace the tires with tread that is wider, the symptoms of 'pulled' was missing," he said. Another solution using a camber bolts to reset the wheel angle.

Sudjarwo Priyono, chief coordinator of the workshop and service PT. ADM, suggesting overall pengecekkan on Terios suspension for the problem can be solved. "Air pressure in tires is the difference between left and right and ausnya tire tread is uneven, can cause side driveway as interesting, because the tire traction will be different," said Sudjarwo.

Bearing conditions that are too tight or dried grease the wheels can also be menibulkan feel 'sluggish' side. In effect, the street car feels 'interesting' in a particular direction.

Symptoms of dizziness
Because of birth as SUVs that have a high ground clearance, the Terios and Rush have symptoms of dizziness, especially when maneuvering at high speeds on the freeway. "Symptoms limbungnya quite feel at high speeds, but for me naturally, because of his SUV and high-Rush," said Okky, owner of Rush of 2009.

Although the new variant Terios and Rush, the manufacturer has revised the performance on a per to obtain the stability and comfort, but still felt unsteady phenomena.

The solution, "Able to use as a ulirnya less frequently or use sokbreker tougher," said Iwan Sugi from garage 4x4 Specialist.

The options as of aftermarket for the Terios and Rush is not yet widely available. But can use per copotan from Volvo or Mercedes-Benz W214 Boxer worth USD 700 thousand to $ 1 million.

As for sokbreker, could use a brand or Monroe Kayaba Ultra Sensatrac with a starting price of USD 700-900 thousand pair.

Meredan Sound Machine
Admittedly, the voice that sounded Terios engine to the cabin, enough to interfere with comfort. Option could be to pair the silencer on the wall of separation between the interior and engine room (firewall)

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