Friday, April 1, 2011

Probably it is interesting to obser five outstanding features of Volvo V60 Hybrid

As proclaimed, there are five special features offered by Volvo in the plug hybrid cars. The five are:

1. Normal driving

These devices have function to monitor and ensure that every cell in voltage and temperature are right. This device is also served to monitor any irregularities or problems occuring in the battery electric motor, as a precaution to prevent damage.

2. Conflict

The device consists of a braking system devices and DSTC (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control). The device functions to assist the driver to overcome the changes in car behavior, especially when there is an unexpected extra energy from the battery electric motor so that causing the car is difficult to control.

3. Avoidance

This device is served to prevent the fatal collision. The way it works, if the car position had approached frontal collision and the driver acts too late to do the braking, the car automatically works fully automatic brakes . As a result the collision can be avoided or at least reduce the impact of the more serious of a collision.

4. Collision

This feature is a battery protection when the collision occurred. The battery will be protected by encapsulation, because damaged battery can cause gas leaks. The battery will be well protected and separated from the crumple zone.

This feature serves to secure the car of a serious impact after the car in a collision. How, would break the circuit the battery electric motor. This is to prevent short-circuits due to the cables that intersect each other due to severe shock due to collision.

Previously, as reported by autoevolution.cvom, the end of January, Volvo said Volvo V6 wagon version of the plug-in hybrid will be launched on the mat Geneva Auto Show 2011, March.

"This second-generation hybrid car in addition to fuel economy also results in lower emissions of carbon dioxide, but still offers a high comfort," I said Stefan Jacoby, President and Chief Executive Officers as preached Volvo Cars, on Thursday (27 / 1).

Volvo Test results showed that levels of CO2 emissions produced no more than 50 grams per kilometer. Concentration of CO2 is equivalent to the consumption of 1.9 liters of fuel for a distance of 100 kilometers.

Conventional engine this car carried a capacity of 2400 cc five-cylinder turbo diesel engine and equipped devices. This machine is claimed to be capable of spraying power up to 215 horsepower and maximum torque of 440 Newton meters.

Electric motor is capable of producing power to 70 horsepower. Thus, the total energy produced blend of conventional engines and electric motors to reach 285 horsepower. Power is channeled to the wheels through a six-speed automatic transmission acceleration level.

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