Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pius Taxi is easily ordered in London Airports and others in UK

LONDON - Car Toyota's flagship hybrid, the Prius can be ordered at various airports in the UK, such as London Stansted, Gatwick, Bristol, Cardiff and Southampton. Environmentally friendly vehicles that be an optioned Cheker Cars as a taxi company because of economic considerations, knowing the price of gasoline continues to rise.

For the initial stage, 80 units will be used Cheker Prius Cars on several corporate networks in Essex, Stansted airport, from March 2011 and an additional 10 units in two months. Prius supply is derived from the Toyota network in Woodford Green.

"We will replace all the vehicles within the next two years. Right now the main focus is still at Stansted airport in the future but will spread to other locations," said David Crouch, Managing Director of Checker Cars in his official statement, yesterday (30/03/2011) .

Crouch added that one company in running its business focus is to raise environmental awareness, reduce exhaust emissions as low as possible, and more importantly operating costs. "We continue to seek the most efficient cars to see gasoline prices continue to rise. Operating costs are also a major factor in business," said Crouch.

Prius offers a level of exhaust emissions of carbon dioxide 92 grams per kilometer and fuel consumption of 70.6 miles per gallon or the equivalent of 30 kilometers per liter. If you look at these statistics, it is certain operational cost is much cheaper than conventional cars. But, if in terms of price and car maintenance, not necessarily right?!

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