Tuesday, April 5, 2011

PHEV Sonata produced by Hyundai Towards most wanted Electric Car

SEOUL- Although the Sonata Hybrid is marketed in the United States plan late last year - a new reality can be up to dealers this month - in Korea earlier this month blew new news, plug-in version of his or PHEV will be introduced in 2013.

The Korean daily Chosun Ilbo (English version) preaching - also quoted various other international news agencies - Hyundai Motor has finished development projects (PHEV), and the car planned can be marketed in Korea and it will be exported in 2013.

He further - the news was sourced from the automotive industry in South Korea - Hyundai Sonata has successfully made ​​a prototype PHEV in the factory, Asan, South Chungcheong Province after three years of development. Now the car is being tested in secret.

Also added, quoting a spokesman for Hyundai, "pure electric vehicles take longer to be produced commercially. The reason, a short distance and lack of docking facilities. That's why we previously decided to market PHEV. "

Well, based on the truested information it is concluded, the target Hyundai Sonata PHEV mass-production in 2013 is a step before heading into an era of electric cars. He further, Hyundai BlueOn prototype electric car which was released last year, only produced ​​in limited numbers, on leave to certain public institutions for testing and research.

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