Friday, April 1, 2011

The official Fuel Consumption of Newest Jaguar XF is 1:21,46 Kilometers

London - Elegant Jaguar and terrific Land Rover plans to launch the latest generation of fantastic Jaguar XF sedan new generation in beautiful carpet of 2011 New York Auto Show in late April. British luxury car manufacturer's brand-new sedan called the debut it rely on a new diesel engine 2200 cc four-cylinder fuel economy.

"This powerful machine is the most efficient engine than the Jaguar engine carrying the previous generation,"said from the manufacturer's source quoted as, Friday (1 / 4).

Jaguar accurate test results prove, this reasonable sedan fuel consumption reaches 21.46 kilometers per liter. While CO2 emissions are just 149 grams per kilometer.

Interestingly, although it point outs the fuel economy and low emissions but high-powered machine is 190 horsepower. 332lb-ft of torque achieved.

In fact, the official statement of Jaguar, accelerating the movement of the speed of 000-100 kilometers per hour (kpj) was achieved within 8.5 seconds. Not only that, this magnificent car is also capable of up to 225 kpj lauched.

About the benefits of it, Jaguar offers a number of the convincing reasons. Trusted sources at the manufacturer that says, in addition to start-stop technology will supports drivers to turn off the engine while and switch it back when the driver stepped on the gas pedal, it also features a brand-new Jaguar number of new excellent features.

Engine crankshaft or a crankshaft for example created by new advanced technology, so the form of thin, lightweight, yet has the durability and high strength. In addition, Jaguar is also complete with common rail technology or fuel pressure devices in high intensity.

The good device is capable of diesel oil molecules break up in the smallest size. As a result, the complicated process of combustion in the engine combustion chamber is more perfect.

Moreover, Jaguar also adds to be equipped by water-cooled turbocharger. As a result, the machine is capable of spraying large power at various levels of engine speed and the use of more fuel efficient.

However, that is not less important that it uses automatic ZF transmission devices eight high acceleration. The way of these devices work very fast and smooth without stamping. Work system as it helps fuel economy.

XF performance of newest fantastic jaguar is answered after conducting a reliable series of tests on this elegant sedan, the last weekend in March. Just unfortunately, until now, elegant Jaguar has not given official leaked information about how much most brand-generation XF sedan will be set.

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