Saturday, April 16, 2011

Now the price of oil is very high and 10 Tips to save fuel is usefull for you

DETROIT - rising oil prices make car owners to take part dizziness. The reason, had to spend more in another. Apparently this condition is also a concern for carmakers. General Motors, for example, make a special article, how to drive cars to spend fuel efficiently.

Largest car manufacturer in the United States provides simple steps which it may be often heard by us in order to pay attention to the daily conditions. In fact, if done correctly, it can save gasoline and, of course, simultaniously reduce carbon emissions.

Here are 10 tips on saving driving style of the GM :
* Make sure the car engine well maintained. Oxygen sensor and clean air filter can save fuel consumption up to 4 percent.
* Note the tire pressure! driver must be in accordance with the manufacturer of the car. Usually printed on a sticker on the front door. If it is done properly, it can increase mileage up to 3.3 percent from 1 liter of gasoline.
* Reduce the default in the car. Any reduction in weight of 45.3 kilograms save 2 percent of gasoline consumption.
* Don't race your cars, if you can drive at speeds below 85 per hour (kpj). The reason which it point out any velocity up 10 kpj above 100 kpj will require additional gasoline and it also means additional costs.
* Do not start the engine when it's stopped. Because every 15 minutes is stationary, the engine will burn about 100 cc gasoline wastefully.
* Do not accelerate and brake suddenly. If the way this is done, it can save gasoline by 33 percent on the highway and 5 percent on urban roads.
* Turn off air conditioning (AC) when you get fresh air outside.
* Use recommended engine oil factory, saving 1-2 percent.
* Avoid crowded streets of traffic.

resources= autoevolution

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