Thursday, April 14, 2011

New racing! New Rule! DRS will be used in One Point In the Tracks of Shanghai

SHANGHAI - If DRS at Sepang circuit should be run on the straight track in front of the VIP stands only, then to China F1 circuit held in Shanghai on April 17, 2011, it will be only allowed on the straight track out of the corner 13 to corner 14. This track has a length of 1.17 km and it is the second longest track on the F1 arena.

However, the rider is not allowed to operate along the distance of the DRS. To prevent the process from becoming too easy to overtake, a tool that reduces wind resistance traps should only be used along 900 meters (so the car out of the corner 13). The point of detection to monitor the distance between rider has been made since the bend to the 12th.

According to the observations of newcomers racer (rookie), Paul in Resta, many opportunities to use the DRS at the Shanghai circuit. The track is thought to be one conducive track .

"It would be something interesting, to watch how DRS is actively working with the rear wing moved in Shanghai. It could be anywhere, it does not have the straight tracks determined because Shanghai has a lot of straight track," explained by Resta.

Meanwhile, Renault's technical director James Allison has warned the FIA for not limiting the rider using the DRS on the track straight. "We're so nice to watch the scene to overtake to be done by a lot of riders and I think, at Sepang, the FIA ​​have done it correctly,"stated by James.

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