Wednesday, April 6, 2011

new fantastic progress of New Safety Technology Ford called as V2V

Washington Auto Show is not only recognized as an appropriate place to display concept vehicles and new models, but it's also to determine the future vehicle technology. The most recent and exciting time of this moment is technology from Ford.

U.S. car manufacturer ascertains the latest technology they called Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) with the aim of improving traffic conditions, safety and first efisiensi.Prototipe Ford V2V system being prepared for a tour in the United States in the spring.

This technology has the capability for wireless communication in each vehicle to report traffic hazards, congestion, and other information in their route navigation aid.

Technology 2V Ford is working through short-range WiFi network in a secure channel allocation is set by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). According to Ford, this technology relies on a sophisticated safety radar system capable of detecting 360 degrees.

This system allows memperediksi risk of collision even though the vehicle has not been seen, find a vehicle that stopped suddenly though kendaraantersebut have not seen and look at traffic patterns on the crowded highway.

According to Ford, in the U.S. more than 81% of all vehicle accidents in which the factor of the influence of alcohol is not one of cause, involves 4.3 million incidents each year, and Ford intends to reduce that figure.

Ford added that in addition to safety factors, application of V2V technology on a national scale will reduce our consumption of fuel is wasted due to traffic delays.

According to the Texas Transportation Intisute, about 3.9 billion gallons (14.8 billion liters) of fuel wasted due to traffic congestion in 2009. You can imagine how much money is wasted due to these bottlenecks.

"Ford has been a pioneer of modern in-vehicle connectivity via the SYNC feature that is currently possesses," said technical leadership in the development of research and engineering Ford, Mike Shulman.

"We trust on the progress of WiFi technology for intelligent vehicles can be added to the smartphone or GPS systems by simply connecting it to SYNC features like the phone right now," Shulman added.

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