Thursday, April 14, 2011

New comer will be! VW Lupo EL from Eindhoven University

EINDHONVEN - Eindhoven University of Technology (TU / e), the Netherlands launched the electric car research the VW Lupo EL (Electric Lightweigh) with a weight of 1060 kg, including battery pack with a capacity of 27 kWh. The car was introduced today and it will be on display at AutoRAI in Amsterdam, which it was held from tomorrow until April 23.

With lighter weight, it is claimed, mileage electric car further 30-50 percent is compared to 4-passenger electric car starting a lot to be sold at this time. Place for the city, mileage Lupo Electric reached 215 km.

Furthermore, while it will run toll street, only 135 km with silus Artemis. Despite the large size of battery used, but the interior and trunk dimensions have not changed from the original. Reportedly, perfomance run car, 130 km / h (max.) and sprint from 0-100 km / h in 12 seconds.

The battery used as Thundersky is a type of lithium-iron phosphate (liFePO4) and it is assessed its lower price around 300 euros per kWh. It says the battery is durable and safe. The weakness is lower energy density than Li-ion battery.

Further, this worthy test of car road has been obtained from the Land Transportation Office of the Netherlands tested with real road conditions. The main target of researchers from the University of Eindhoven is to find a variety of sensors to monitor batteries, propulsion systems, energy consumption component and vehicle dynamics.

This car is also equipped with central control (PLC), using a 4-CAN BUSS and 80 I / O ports. The goal, to be flexible for different research purposes. VW feature retained is ABS, a safety bag and dashboard served as the original.

During the research, it was carried on for analysis of vehicle performance, mileage and approximate size of the battery. In addition, It also tested and determined the model components and battery efficiency. It also performed analysis of how the application of regenerative braking energy, the advantage when the electric motor was directly mounted on wheels, the software to control the car, the vehicle status information to the driver and electric power steering.

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