Saturday, April 2, 2011

My opinion is agree to implement Imperative green technology for the future of the automobile industry

"We are really aware that green technology has become imperative in this dinamic industry. With green technologies played, auto industry creates an truly active role to reduce the high level of pollution

Sustainable Green Technology exactly describes the continous efforts the fulfillment of human needs through the use of environmentally friendly automotive technologies, namely motor vehicles and those are results that it do not exploit traditional energy products depleting natural resources environment.

In addition, automotive products have a minimal impact or they are not even have a negative impact on the environment, and vice versa automotive products use new sources other than fossil fuels, namely renewable fuels.

"With the development of alternative fuel technology applied, the car is expected in the future to evolve to be faster, more efficient and cleaner than the previous motor vehicle technology, to reduce negative impacts on the sustainability of the earth.

Also mentioned technology and efficiency became the key word of the automotive industry worldwide. It is estimated that within the next few years, electric cars will replace conventional vehicles on the streets.

Automotive exhibitions held in the world, such as the Detroit Auto Show, Geneva Motor Show, Tokyo Motor Show and others, continue to show the elegant cars both environmentally friendly theme and it is still in a draft version of the powerful vehicle. At each exhibition automotive world, outstanding manufacturers display their latest vehicles already using the latest environmentally friendly technologies both to the concept of hybrid, fuel cells and other environmentally friendly technologies.

Behind all these realiable products, there is the same basic thought which environmental protection is everyone's responsibility, including the perpetrators of the world automotive industry.

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