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My friend was complaint about his car tires and i guess to be better to know six primary

Tires for cars is one of the most important component and it has a tough task. The weight of the car plus the goods and passengers are transported by car all the suspected tire.

However, the tire manufacturer has calculated the power of inner tube to support the load. Therefore, they make tires with various types and categories according to the type of car. Thus, the tire has a high resistance and durable.

Nevertheless, sometimes feeling the car owner vehicle tires must be replaced when they bought recently. Surface and developments in the tire treads were smooth, the wall is not flat tires, and others.

"In addition to age factor, there are certain conditions which is a major cause rapid tire wear. Wear it be, the walls cracked tires because the rubber brittle, bald tire treads, easily torn, "

What are the causes of these? How do I avoid this? Here's an explanation from Susan:

1. Overload

Every car manufactured by producers is always designed to have maximum load carrying capacity up to a certain weight. Generally, the producers have included the empty weight and the weight of the contents of the car concerned.

"Empty weight means the car's weight when not carrying goods or passengers and not be steered. While weight is the weight of the car after transporting passengers and goods, "

Weight and weight carrying capacity or the manufacturer informed through manuals or brochures about the specifications of the car. Weight is already taking into account all aspects, including basic material body frame, suspension, and of course tires.

Thus, if the load is transported by cars exceeding the recommended standard, then the pressure on the tire is also higher for the weight. On the other hand, with heavy pressure and constant friction with the road surface all the way into the tire tread and the development of rapid thinning.

"Even the possibility of tire burst was also very large. Because it is highly recommended, do not carry loads that exceed the limit, ".

2. The direction of movement of the tire is not aligned

Cars that are used every day and bulldoze variety of road types and characters, causing the wheel position is not in tune anymore. "That is not balance tires, when cars run the tires are not aligned movement. There is a slope deviated 3-5 degrees, "

In fact, the direction not to lign each tire is different. There are to the left or right. When the car is driven, the tires seemed forced or dragged away. Friction between the road surface with the surface of the tire is what caused the tire surface or tire sidewall thinning.

It is therefore advisable to perform spooring and balancing car wheels after traveling 5,000 kilometers and multiples thereof.

3. Tool suspension system problematic

Other factors are no less great contribution to the tire damage is problematic suspension components. The reason is, if the component is causing trouble controlling the car unstable.

When the car is not stable, then move the tire in the direction as the car drove too unstable. Move the tire sometimes to the left or right, even during bumpy roads or potholes bulldoze such tire struck down and dragged.

"Thus, the surface of thin fast tire, tire frame structure in the form of wire and thread are also quickly wear out,"

4. Rim and tire size does not fit

The fact that there is proof, that does not fit tire rim size (rim size larger or smaller) and being forced to make a tire wall supported load is too heavy.

As a result, the tire seemed to be drawn so easily cracked, broken, or bruised. Therefore, use a rim with a tire size that will fit.

5. Tire pressure is less or excessive

The tire manufacturers designing tires produced by having the ability to support the load of heavy good vehicle and the contents (maximum) with certain Agin pressure. It was intended to provide comfort and safety for car users, as well as for age appropriate durable tire set standard. Therefore, if the tire pressure is less than the standards established by the pressure of the tire is also more severe.

As a result, friction between the surface of the tire with the road surface is also getting harder. As a result, the surface of thin fast tire, tire frame structure made of wire and thread are also easily damaged. Even in extreme conditions, the possibility of very large flat tire.

Similarly, if the tire pressure exceeds the standard. Therefore it is advisable to fill the tire pressure in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

6. Oil, gasoline / diesel fuel, and detergents that undermine

Perhaps many car owners are unaware or deliberately ignoring the tires when they grind or teciprat some substance on top. In fact, the tires are often exposed to oil or fuel oil will be broken.

Therefore, oil from fossil fuels, whether diesel, gasoline, kerosene, or oil has the elements that make the fast brittle or elastic rubber. "If you do not believe, try to dip a few times a piece of rubber into some of that material, and wait a few days. It must be elastic or brittle, "

Meanwhile, according to a road safety organization in Germany, Dekra, some additive elements in the dab of soap and detergents also potentially erode the protective chemicals rubber tires. As a result, the tire wear faster when frequently exposed to soaps or detergents.

Therefore, rinse with clean water until the tires used soap or detergent is really missing. Especially when the car washed in the sink, ask the officer to rinse it with clean laundry.

Those are some tips to keep the tire durability. Hopefully useful.

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