Friday, April 1, 2011

motor Compacta

Sl ip-on gear ed motor Compacta

Compacta slip-on geared motors with integrated limit switches are ideal drives for reversing tasks.
The compact dimensions and light weight are achieved by using a spur and worm gear transmission, combined with performance-optimized motors. Compactas are particularly suitable for applications where space is limited.

Compacta slip-on geared motors

Benefits at a glance:

  • integrated mechanical or electrical limit switches
  • low noise level
  • lightweight construction
  • explosion-proof in accordance with ATEX 95
  • splash-water (IP65)
  • can be customized

Compacta slip-on geared motor MR6

Output speed: 2,9 - 100 min-1
Output torque: 10,5 - 60 Nm
Transmission ratio: 27 - 450:1
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Compacta slip-on geared motor MS12Output speed: 3 - 193 min-1
Output torque: 12 - 142 Nm
Transmission ratio: 14,2 - 225:1
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Compacta slip-on geared motor MR30Output speed: 2,6 - 123,4 min-1
Output torque: 60 - 300 Nm
Transmission ratio: 22,7 - 264,6:1
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Compacta slip-on geared motor AG60Output speed: 0,9 - 124 min-1
Output torque: 60 - 600 Nm
Transmission ratio: 22,5 - 732,4:1
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Download Technical Documentation (PDF-file)

Compacta slip-on geared motors for Pool CoversCANopen

The Compacta products with the new CANopen interface become decentralized systems.
The integrated absolute encoder has a resolution of 4096 pulses per revolution in combination with up to the maximum of 4096 revolutions. The required positions can be exactly achieved when using brake ramps.
The unit comes with an internal speed regulation and a further advantage is that the maximum torque is settable. Four PDO's allow the cyclic data exchange.


  • Precise positioning
  • Continuous monitoring and speed regulation
  • Torque can be set and controlled
CANopen for Compacta slip-on geared motor

Compacta Drives for pool covers

We have designed gear motors based on the Compacta concept specifically for pool cover drives.
These gear motors use 24 V DC and deliver a torque of between 60 and 500 Nm.

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