Thursday, April 21, 2011

Most my friends take motorcycles for daily activities and they should know about How to maintainance braking devices disk of motorcycles

Almost all newer motorcycles are now equipped with braking devices disc disk or disk brakes. At least, when the manufacturer launched a variant must be offered the type using the braking device.

There are a number of advantages of the braking device of this. In addition to having the power release heat better than drum brakes, because it is open, these devices are also more grip.

"However, sometimes there are some problems that quite disturbing performance. Some of the symptoms of brake problems are not standard or vice versa, "

Therefore, the owners of motorcycles that use disc brakes to be advisable to perform routine maintenance devices braking system. So what steps should be done? How do I? Here are suggestions.

1. Changing brake fluid
This liquid is very important for the performance of disc brakes. Because this brake performance relies heavily on the piston in the master brake. Master in charge of moving the brake disc calipers to grip the disc, when a motorist pulls the brake lever.

"The least powerful in performing their duties depending piston hydraulic pumps work flow of brake fluid,"

When the channel was blocked by oil because dirty oil or oil has been diluted due to contamination by bacteria or other substances are fused with oil, then the performance of the piston was also disrupted. Because that's highly recommended to replace the brake fluid.

"At least once a year to be replaced. Exceeding two years, no more than that if you want to get maximum results, "

2. Clean caliper
Disc brakes are open. In fact, on the streets every time the motor accelerated faster then the wind was blowing, so that dust and dirt go flying around and stuck to the canvas and the brake piston.

When that happens, then the performance of the two components would not be optimal. Therefore, it is advisable to clean them of dirt diligent.

The trick, remove the brake calipers off of shock absorber and brake cables carefully. Then off the brake pads and clean the surface with a wire brush or emery paper.

When it is finished, use the air compressor or spray with high pressure water to clean the remnants of dirt, especially in the parts that are not affordable. Then drain, so no water is left.

Once completely dry again raft components. But one thing to remember piston seal should also be replaced, it was to avoid any leakage of oil. "Because if the leak causes the performance of the piston is not weak and braking grip,"

3. Make sure the caliper is still normal
Caliper or ordinary people call it pig's head - because it looks like mammals - are rarely damaged. However, there is the possibility of improper installation or a shaky position because of certain factors.

If the condition of unsteady or vibrating, then the device which it serves to grip pringan disc when a motorist pulled the brake lever, will quickly wear out. The reason, certain parts of the calipers will rub against the disc discs continuously.

So while the motor is running like digeber halting. "Caliper will quickly wear out, begiru well as the disc, its surface is not flat anymore because there are certain parts that constantly rub against the brake calipers, although not done,"

Because of that, check the caliper position on a regular basis is a wise move. The trick, turn the front tires motorcycle. Then look at the pistons move, if the move still in tune with disc disc, meaning no touch or friction, then the caliper is still normal.

That tips on how to care disc brakes are easy and cheap. Hopefully useful.

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