Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Modification Honda Supra Racing

Modification Honda Supra Racing   Modification Honda Supra Racing

Switch to the under carriage, dressed with aseso Kinkin racing, such as V-shape rim 17 inch slick smooth rubber covered to emphasize the aura drag bike. The kitchen was also upgraded runway to the finish. Engine capacity of 200cc grafting piston jacked so Tiger sprayed caerburator owned Honda NSR SP innate. "Last fueled racing ignition to CDI's Mithsuba Rextor, oil cooler to exhaust racing CLD," lid. No doubt after the iron horse was stripped doi enough Yamaha Mio adoption front cover and body cover of the stern of the Honda Vario. This action must also be balanced with the coloring on the frame with a candy red color. Mothai full legs style with many variations such as full-knacks Posh bottom front of the front discs look pretty with TDR. On the back she was still dwelling on Tromol but to backstop its legs has been upgraded with sokbeker Ride It Super Track and arm swing. Pernik-style racing in the oil cooler up with Posh, karbu Koso 32 mm, and also the Daytona stabilizer which all sectors are increasingly Bithday machine that also in the paint with the colors of the rainbow.Finally, trans cover more and more perfect body with black and green coloring of faded paint and clear Sikken.

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