Monday, April 11, 2011

Miray Chevrolet Roadster claimed as Best Concept Cars

Roadster concept car made by General Motors (GM), Chevrolet Miray crowned as the best concept car at the mat of Seoul Motor Show 2011. Tech hybrid car that owns competitive environment-friendly technology, slick design and high comfort.

Mike Arcamone, President and Chief Executive Officer of GM Korea claimed the car was offered as alternative in the future. Because the hybrid technology is believed to be the future of automotive technology.

"As the name implies, Miray which means the future, this car offers an alternative to (the needs of the vehicle) the future," he said as reported by, Monday (11 / 4).

Chevrolet Mi-Ray equipped with a conventional gasoline engine with a capacity of 1,500 cc four-cylinder engine with turbocharger and two electric motors. Both stun-powered motor was installed at the two front wheels.

"Each of 15 kilo watt of generating power (or about 20 horsepower)," explained a source in the Chevrolet.

Interestingly, this car installs the Kinetic technology Regenerative Energy System (KERS). Thus, the battery charged by ions deviate litihium electrical energy will be filled back up again when the stun is running out.

How, the machine will recycle the energy wasted in braking when drivers car. Power is taken to replenish the battery. As a result, other cars would not own come up short stun exhausted mileage even further away.

Fuel consumption and use of highly efficient power source is claimed. Moreover Chevrolet takes carbon fiber material to build parts of this powerful car body.

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