Monday, April 4, 2011

Meguru, furistic three-wheeled electric vehicles represent green Japan focus mainly made of Bamboo

Tokyo: Meguru, is a name of three wheelers in Indonesia are similar to the three-wheeler named as Bajaj in Indonesia. Its function was similar, ie to be taken as urban transportation.

The difference is, when a three-wheeled vehicles in Indonesia was spewing thick smoke, Meguru otherwise without the slightest smoke. Understandably, The vehicle is electric-powered tricycle.

Stun power come from a lithium ion battery completed in just two hours. As reported ecotech, Thursday (27 / 5), when the battery contains a full Charge. Meguru have traveled 40 kilimeters, maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour.

Another uniqueness of this vehicle is owned, materials used for assembly were bamboo and iron. On the windows and floors are made from plants such as that.

As quoted, namely the manufacturers are Yodogawa Group and Kinki Knives Industries Corporation announced that vehicles are environmentally friendly. Thus, while it is suitable for the cities that it has created the commitment to a clean environment.

About the price, the manufacturer claimed that its product costs U.S. $ 10,000. However, it is comparable with technological innovation and artistic creation.

You can also view a video presentation on YouTube here.

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