Saturday, April 2, 2011

Marussia B2

Marussia B2 is either a pleasant surprise and did not come together with the presentation of new Russian super-B2 car Marussia this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The design looks smart, but suspiciously familiar. And what's underneath? Europe familiar with the Russian car industry exported Ladas and Nivas anticipated to see the latest developments of Russia. Audi and Porsche is the European Car output.

Russian supercar stereotype in the eyes of most people a supercharged turbo tank is not a true triumph of design and car Marussia engineering.The two models, B1 and B2 of the newer, manufactured under the strict supervision of former racer Russian Nikolay Fomenko (now a movie actor and showman )

In fact, many critics wonder. Does Russia really have a talented designer? Marussias seems pretty decent looking, but feeling that the aggressive line meets your eye before are still there. Europe was able to spend most expensive car in the world.

One more look - right, a little Aston Martin RAPIDE, a touch of Enzo Ferrari, Lamborghini and the very recognizable Revention little resemblance to the Pagani Zonda. This cocktail brands generate sizable display that even might be considered by some as trendy and cool.Juga performance surprising critics - this time with his pathetic technique.

Here, according to critics, Russia remains to be miles ahead to walk.The developers keep their mouths shut about Marussia stomach, and no one was allowed to look under the hood B2 version, but experts believe the same is equipped with 3.5 liter V-6 engine 260 horsepower hybrid used for the first vehicle. By comparison, the Ford Focus ST has a regular 2.5 liter 225 horsepower engine.Developers also thinking about creating a crossover Marussia and opened the sales center in Moscow. This company is said to have received orders for 17 cars B2 with a MSRP ranging from $ 147,000. Ford Focus ST The same goes for a quarter of this price.

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