Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mark Webber convinces his better record and perfomance in Sepang later

Sepang - Mark Webber believes F1 when competing in Malaysia, Sunday (9 / 4), he would not repeat the poor performance because of the car. Thus, the agile rider from Australia that can not compensate for his team mate of Sebastian Vettel who has won the race and give satisfaction to the supporters.

When competing in the Albert Park circuit, Webber admitted under the condition of the car owned by Vettel. Although he did not reveal the characteristics, but the team has already faced some complicated problems on the chassis, giving rise to the difference in optimal performance.

In his press conference today at the Sepang (7 / 4), Webber is hoping everything should be better. "There are some problems that did not help the situation, and we tried not to know more deeply," said Webber.

When pressed, whether the problem can be overcome on his vehicle. He quickly replied, "In total, yes." And he believes, Red Bull Racing RB7 can repeat the achievements of last year. "Our vehicles have won the race last year, so we'll see later."

Being asked about the air temperature is "brutal", he highlighted the problem of tire durability. All the solid teams, he stated, it is still blind to the reliability of Pirelli. "I do not know what they (Pirelli) did in Istanbul (Turkey) and other places. Maybe this is the most extreme situations they face. He leaked the RB7 which he pointed out that the car is likely to exploit KERS in Sepang.

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