Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little odd action to overcome new regulation of Formula One

Formula 1 car racing circuit at Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, on Sunday last week, it will be just two laps left. Renault driver of Giancarlo Fisichella is still roaring at the forefront. The countdown toward the finish line gets ahead.

That's when the audiences witness the unexpected action of BAR-Honda team. They pull two drivers, Jensen Button and Takuma Sato, home cage. When the Button is at number 10, while Sato is ranked 12, a position which obviously will not produce numbers.

BAR-Honda team action inevitably lead to controversy. Some spectators shout to show his disappointment. But BAR-Honda boss Nick Fry, had an explanation for these odd action. He calls this step strategies circumvent the new rules that require a machine used in the two series races.

By not reaching the finish line, BAR-Honda team rider is entitled to use the new engine on the next series in the sir-biscuits Sepang, Malaysia. "We want to take advantage of the new regulations. With a new engine, we hope to perform better in Malaysia," said Fry frank.

Since its inception, the new regulations of a Formula 1 car racing circuit is already triggering debate. Many parties are concerned, the new rules will foster attitudes knight no contest participants. Concern is evident with the emergence of BAR-Honda team action. "Competition as if that has encouraged the losing team pulled out before reaching the finish line?" wrote the Australian Motorsport News magazine.

After all, the BAR-Honda does not move with attitude. President Shoichi Tanaka confidently predict to precisely imitate his team will move another team experiencing the same situation at the next race series.

Other Action suspected of containing elements to take advantage of regulation is a collision event involving world champion Michael Schumacher of Ferrari and Nick Heidfeld of Williams-BMW. When it enters a new race lap 43, still there are 15 laps remaining. And Schummy position, close calls Schumacher, is scattered far enough behind other racers.

At that time a new Schummy is out of pit stops. He appeares on the track and directly in front of Nick Heidfeld. Both riders chasing. In a corner, trying to catch up and Schummy Heidfeld prevents. A moment later, for some reason, the car looks Heidfeld pushed onto the grass and knocking Schummy. As a result, both drivers could not continue the race. "My car was damaged, there's no point in continuing the race," said by Schummy.

By not reaching the finish line, Schummy does not obtain even a minimal value. But, on the other hand, he could use a new engine at Sepang circuit. Thus, there is speculation, accident was intentional.

Schummy, of course, dismiss these allegations. He also requests that the incident is exaggerated. "The accident is very normal and natural," he said. Later, investigations by the Albert Park circuit race committee concludes that the accident does not contain the element of intent.

There are critics, there must be defended. International racing authority (FIA), believes the new rules fpr actually noble aims. In addition to save costs and drivers' safety, this rule is expected to create more healthy competition and it's not dominated by a particular team.

In addition to the use of one engine for two race series, the new rule is another example of the use of a tire for a series that includes qualifying and the race. Implementation of qualification conducted Saturday and Sunday, and the results is summed to determine the initial position of the race. The new rules also outline the design of the car changed by making the rear wing forward and raising the front wing for more car speed decreases.

In fact, at the Albert Park circuit, spectators are treated to a race instead of monotonous. There is no dramatic action inter-racers to overtake each other. They are generally more secure and just playing catch up when the other drivers enter the pit stops.

Ferrari technical director, Ross Brawn, acknowledge what is happening in Australia is not an ideal example to achieve the new rules. He fears that such competition will make the audience away. But he asked to be patient. "We may have seen two more series before deciding to change the rules or not," he said.

Brawn is probably right. In the midst of the swift criticism, sticking optimism that the race at Sepang would run more interesting. Unlike the Albert Park track in Sepang known to be quite extreme: hotter weather with high temperatures. The possibility of breaking the tires are always open.

The audience is fit-ti curious to see how the car engines that have been lauched in Australia used again in heavy terrain. No exception it's the appearance of last champion of Michael Schumacher. Although he is entitled to use the new engine, Ferrari boss Jean Todt is reportedly still undecided to decide the champion's choice for the machine.

You see, after the Sepang circuit next is Bahrain. When Schummy using a new engine at Sepang, means he must use the same engine in Bahrain. "This is risky because the circuit was very hot," said Todt.

So, at Sepang, new legislation is believed will make the race more excited. "With new regulations, do not be surprised if we will see new faces in position eight," said the manager of the Sepang circuit. He also points to the high interest of the audience for selling 30 thousand tickets, of sales rose 30 percent than last year.

The Schummy confident enough to bounce back at Sepang. he runs old car believed to still be able to compete. The proof is in Australia, his teammate of Rubens Barrichello is able to reach the finish line in second. Though he starts the race from the sequence of 11. "This shows our old car can still compete," he said. Ferrari's new car is drafted will be launched on the fifth series, next May.

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