Friday, April 22, 2011

Light Plastic from Chocolate Waste manufactured for Ford Cars

After introducing Formula 3's racing car uses fuel derived from waste chocolate, this time the engineers at Ford again examine the sludge in a lighter plastics maker that will be used in Ford cars.

Traditionally, plastic parts are very difficult to save weight without sacrificing strength and durability. But after researching the Aero chocolate bars they have been managed to produce lightweight plastic by injecting gas bubbles into the plastic when it is formed.

The result was a wasp nest-shaped structure of microscopic size of which is described by Ford as the weight savings by reducing the amount of plastic without compromising the integrity of the component.

Technology called by MuCell also offers advantages of speed and efficiency in manufacturing processes with the use of lower pressure for molding plastics and produce 33% more in the process every hour when it is compared with the conventional way.

Consequently in addition to reducing excess energy consumption, finding Ford was also able to reduce emissions during the production process and cut the cost of making components.

"We save weight in many ways through this new plastic. With the light weight makes the car can be better to be controlled and it accelerates faster and stops again. For consumers this is a wise solution. Plastic is lighter 20% without any increase in costs or reduction in strength . So that it will make them better to the Ford cars in almost every aspect, " explained by the Ford MuCell technology experts, Carsten Starke.

According to Ford, MuCell technology will be first applied to the guard like a Ford engine in the Focus, C-Max, Grand C-Max, S-Max, Mondeo and Galaxy in the next few years.

Ford is committed to reduce the weight of at least 100 kg in their little cars and 300 kg in the cars bigger size by 2020 to cut emissions and fuel consumption.

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