Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lafesta Nissan, Mazda 5 and Nissan Label and what it will be again

Tokyo - Nissan Motor Company (Nissan) collaborate with Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda) to market the Mazda 5 - or in Japan, it's called by the Mazda Premacy - with Lafesta Nissan brand.

Only, until now, both Nissan and Mazda are still in closed meetings when information of Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) was introduced to the market.

"There is no information about machine specifications. However, such machines are still using Mazda's, because until now Nissan does not make reengineering," page, wrote on Sunday (24 / 4).

Previously, as preached by Kyodo News International and quoted from the Japan Times on Monday (31 / 1), a source at Nissan revealed in the early stages MPV that will be marketed next May in the Japanese market.

Mazda and Nissan claims that newer models have a exact difference with the regular version of the Mazda 5. Although the differences are not a lot.

"seven-passenger car will be equipped with devices that start-stop and fuel efficient, one liter of fuel for a distance of 16 kilometers," Informed by the source of the manufacturer.

Start-Stop device will help the car turn off the engine when stopped for a moment in front of the traffic signal light or when the car is stuck in traffic jams. The device will also immediately activate the machine back for a moment the driver stepped on the gas pedal. As a result, this MPV fuel efficient.

Only, both Mazda and Nissan did not provide detailed information about car price range.

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