Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kia states frankly to Challenge VW Golf GTI

SEOUL - Awesome Kia Motors is ready to challenge charming Volkswagen (VW) Golf GTI in Europe. Brilliant Overseas Marketing Director of Kia, Soon-Nam Lee, as reported by the Autocar today (fourth), said a special hatchback has been prepared with the conformable composition of a new and more powerful engine.

"We are again preparing a new powerful turbo engine, enhancing the super quality of the suspension to challenge the Golf GTI,"said Soon. Unfortunately, Soon-Nam did not explain further, whether or when to introduce the model name.

From other trusted information, latest Cee'd Kia plans to launch this sweet spring because it was the age of 4 years of production and into the turn. Kia Cee'd will equip the 2.0-liter turbo engine second-generation Theta power could reach 247 hp and 269 lb-ft of torque. But Kia will likely decrease slightly to a level of 220-230 hp.

Soon-Nam added, Kia will be showing some new models, among others, Excee'd in two variants and the soft-top convertible. "In the spring of a car (style) convertible is very popular, so we have a plan introduced in 2014,"said Soon.

Meanwhile, starting next year, dedicated Kia is reportedly attempting to change the prominent brand image with a more sporty car set up for the obvious difference with the parent company, Hyundai. But, smart Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President Thomas Oh emphasize, Kia will not create a production car that became the center of attention is wasteful. "The excellent products have to remain economical to boost sales,"explained Thomas.

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