Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jean Todt's strong intention for go green in Formula One

Will you be ready to watch Formula 1 racing car without the striking noise apart from the host sound coming out of the funnel of loudspeaker? FIA's president of Jean Todt was apparently ready. He hoped to introduce a new racing series in the electric-powered F1 racing format.

The outstanding website of The Telegraph reported that Todt is planning to launch a car racing events, go-kart and single-seat electric-powered. The aim is to increase awareness of the driving power and mobilize support that will be used in various motor sport activities.

Maybe Todt plan will meet many huge obstacles, especially from high-ranking F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone. Todt proposal to include advanced hybrid technology into Formula 1 only recently been challenged by Ecclestone, especially with Todt's plans for electrifyng competitive F1 racing. Although it is not impossible, but it certainly will be challenged again.

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