Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's wonderful! Porsche 911 1964 Break Auction Record

The fantastic result of official auction at Amelia Island by the auction house of RM Auctions is very surprising. A Porsche 911 made in early 1964 with chassis number of 300 221 was sold for an amazing value.

The vehicles was stalled on offering of U.S. $ 205,000 which it means a U.S. $ 222, after that car bears 10% luxury tax. This price is 10% higher than previous such car sales.
Classic Porsche 911 is capable of producing power from 128 hp obtained from 6-cylinder boxer engine with a capacity of 1991 cc. Transmission using a 5-speed manual model, while the fourth suspension adheres to the independent model.

Sports car that has been equipped by disc brakes on all four wheels is one of 232 units of 911 models made ​​in 1964 and is known today only 45 units were left. This sports car was restored six years ago in her ivory color.

It could be the work of Hopkins and the team become one of the most perfect 901/911 restoration results and the best in the world. So it's natural that these vehicles are managed to provoke the interest of collectors classified as perfectionist

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