Friday, April 15, 2011

It makes sense! use Aluminum Components, Car Save More Fuel up to 10 Percent

London - The price of fuel oil from time to time kept creeping up. Understandably, the amount of its reserves in the bowels of the earth is also the more shrinkage. Responding to this, automobile manufacturers are competing to cut the weight of cars for more efficient fuel.

One of the ways taken is to use aluminum as a material body and some other parts. The result, it is claimed to reduce fuel consumption.

Do not miss! The results for the European University of Aachen Alumnium Association (EAA) proves it. "Cars install aluminum as a material particular component weighs 40 percent lighter,"the statement quoted by the university as, (14 / 4).

In fact, according to the Aluminum of Association's Transportation Group, the use of aluminum has made ​​fuel consumption 10 percent more efficient than cars that do not use it.

Research institutions that also aims to obtain a strong sheet of aluminum light weight though. So that aspect of security or safety car remained to be assured.

Because the use of materials from steel that has been processed in such a way that light weight was not yet capable of significantly reducing the weight of the car. The research proves that the use of lightweight super steel is only able to cut car weight by 11 percent.

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