Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It is such brilliant and beneficial solution when used Oil can recycle again as a vehicle Fuel

Unofficial data revealed that it is estimated more than 30.3 billion liters of used oil generated each year by oil-fired vehicles worldwide. Some are recycled into new oil and the rest are burned in a hot furnace that is not entirely safe for the complicated environment process.

Currently, brilliant researchers from the University of Cambridge announced that by using microwave wave, used oil waste can be converted into vehicle fuel. Scientists have used a process called pyrolysis to recycle the oil with different methods.

The oil is heated at truly high temperatures in the absence of oxygen causes the oil split into several gas mixtures, liquid, and solid material. These gases and liquids can be converted into fuel. Scientists in Cambrige stated that traditional pyrolysis processes can not heat the oil evenly so that the change process into unrenewable fuel is very difficult and impractical.

To overcome this the scientists add wave microwave absorbing material in the samples of waste oil before doing that this time the pyrolysis process utilizing microwave wave.

The addition of these materials were made of waste oil to heat evenly which makes nearly 90% of the waste oil be easily converted into a mixture of conventional gasoline and diesel fuel.

Research-led Howard Chase, a professor of biochemical engineering, believes that the unique pyrolysis process they do show great potential to be improved on a commercial scale.

The results of this accurate study were submitted at the 241th National Meeting & Exposition events of the American Chemical Society that was exactly held in Anheim, California, USA on wonderful Tuesday (29 / 3)

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