Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's good tips How to prevent problematic Dinamo

Alternator or dynamo called the ampere is a device that functions as a generator that produces electric current alternating current (AC) and at the same time convert it to flow direct current (DC). This component is also a generator of electrical energy that is loaded into the battery.

Therefore, if the ampere alternator or dynamo is damaged then the engine will not be able to start. Although the battery was new once. "Alternator is rarely broken except the life that has run out or wear out."

However, new alternator can be damaged by the wrong treatment. One of the causes of damage to the electrical load in the car is much larger than the maximum capacity of this device.

Generally, manufacturers design the alternator capacity 40-60 amphere. While the ideal age 6-6 years. "But, if the treatment the owner of this device is good, it will be more durable," said Junaidi.

So what kind of treatment that makes it durable alternator? here is tips for you:

1. Make sure the electricity usage is just right.

As mentioned above, generally the manufacturer designed the alternator has a certain capacity. Therefore, we recommend the use of electronic devices that consume a lot of stun is also limited so as not to exceed.

If the use of electricity was only one done twice, decreasing the ability of the alternator will not be visible. But if it is done continuously, then the alternator will experience a decreased ability to generate electrical current.

Some ways to avoid problems it is not enabled by Air Conditioner (AC), audio, wipers, and other electronic devices in the car simultaneously. Indeed, car manufacturers design their products more capable of electronic devices enabled even if all but the alternator will not come up short.
"But the ability of the alternator still has limits. Therefore, the notice provisions of the manufacturer. "

2. Make sure the poles and the battery cable is firmly connected

It should be noted serius.because it is for installation, if installation of one pole, or upside down, then the stuff will be broken or damaged. Likewise with a variety of electrical cable.

When the installation of the cables are not appropriate, other causes also potentially wasteful electricity IC for quickly broken alternator.

Installation of cables that need to be examined were also included plus cable plus alternator to the battery cable. For, if the connections are incorrect or tenuous and high-rev engine, the alternator will be damaged.

3. Make sure the voltage regulator belt V-belt is properly installed

One thing you notice is required, the level of tension or position of the V-Belt should not be too tight and loose. If too tight the alternator rotation forced beyond the capacity or ability.
"As a result bearing alternator will be damaged,"

So even if the rope or belt is too loose, the pull will be halting. Thus, in addition to the electric current generated is not constant, alternator bearing also quickly damaged.

In fact, the electronic devices in cars that use shock source from the alternator and battery will be quickly damaged. Because the intake of electricity flowing into the device is not steady.

4. Prevent contact with the body plus cable alternator

When that happens, it will trigger pndek circuit or shorting. As a result, ampere alternator or dynamo will be damaged. "Therefore it is advisable to install security at the poles plus.

In addition, you should check the condition of the alternator on a regular basis at least three months. "At the time of oil change, the detection equipment repair shop there is usually a battery and alternator condition."

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