Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's excellent progrress! Toyota and Microsoft officially Developing Cooperation Future telematic

REDMON - Established Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and Microsoft Corp. , Yesterday it officially signed a strategic agreement, which is making telematic platform for future generations. Telematic is specially designed for TMC by using the application based on Windows Azure.

Telematic technology combines telecommunications and Opera-in vehicle; include a compass or GPS systems, energy management technology and other multi-media.

Forms of cooperation, both companies carry out the investment of around 12 million Dola, equivalent to Rp 105 billion at Toyota Media Service Co.. , A subsidiary of TMC is focused to serve the digital information to its customers.

Electric and Hybrid Cars
Both companies help develop and use the telematic applications based on Windows Azure and Microsoft SQL Azure. Applications will begin to be used in hybrid electric cars and plug-in Toyota in 2012.

TMC next target is to create and develop a global telematic base in 2015. In this way Toyota is hoping to provide service telamatik fast, cheap for all customers around the world.

Another activity is the campaign to reduce carbon and save energti. To this end, TMC will conduct pilot tests in Japan on Toyota's Smart Centre program. From this center could connect the inter-individual masayarkat, cars and ruamh with integrated energy management control targets.

Microsoft has a long history of making applications for automotive, car infotainment systems termaasuk combined with Windows Embedded Automotive. Also used Bing application services and Microsoft's Tellme voice application consumer to Toyota.

"The announcement of cooperation with the TMC is a great example that we continue to invest in the automotive industry. This is our omitmen to strengthen services to customers, "said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced shortly after this partnership.

"The cooperation between Microsoft and Toyota is an important step in developing energy management fund listrilk car in the future to konsumenToyota worldwide. Toyota continues to try to create energy-efficient products and environmentally friendly. This is our contribution to society, "said TMC President Akio Toyota about this partnership.

"Therefore, it is imperative to develop sophisticated information systems between one-vehicle with the other, with humans through the important center of this intelligent energy manager," revealed by brilliant Akio.

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