Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's cool! Jaguar prepare latest sedan models of XFR-S

London - British car manufacturer, Jaguar and Land Rover (point), reportedly was preparing new sedan brand as strongest BMW 3 Series competitor. Although it is not mentioned about the complicated specifications of the engine, the manufacturer points out that it will equip it with advanced technology.

Is the page of, Friday (8 / 4) writes that newer model Jaguar XFR-S is now developed in the process of production. "Even Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director point has confirm it," said a source at the point in such copied these pages.

Hallmark, said the sources, asserted that the presence of brand-new sedan as part of a significant strategy to meet competition with other brands from Europe. A number of newer models accompanied by some luxury brands are now aggressively market surging.

Only, Happenings machine no definite information. However, it is estimated that the fantastic car will develop the technology with exciting Jaguar XFR, so he assumed would-powered engine to 550 horsepower.

Then when the car would be introduced? "It will not be long again," I'm in the point source.

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