Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's better perfomance and trust me about Sunflower-made Tires from Michelin

FRENCH- French tire manufacturer, Michelin, Primacy MXM4 launched. The new product for this luxury segment using new materials in the form of sunflower oil. it is exploited to combine a special compound and it can produce exceptional performance.

The manufacturer said it had patented a sunflower oil ingredient called Michelin Helio Compound Technology. "This technology can maintain top skills on the tires. The technology is also able to keep both sides even in wet road conditions and snow, but still provide safety, ride quality, and convenience that consumers want the top level,"said the Michelin, as reported by autoevolution, Sunday (05/23/2010).

Michelin-party claims, Primacy able to stop within a distance of two car body comparison shorter or 19 feet shorter in wet road. Sunflower oil content is believed to increase traction in low temperatures during braking or control in wet conditions.

"Sometimes, you are not necessary to search far and find it in our own kitchen to find the right answer. Sunflower oil has a good performance all season tires because they can maintain the ability to even be used in snowy road conditions," said Dominique Josson, Product Category Manager Michelin North America.

Primacy MXM4 will be positioned to replace the previous product, Michelin Pilot MXM4. Items on sale by July will be offered in 13 sizes, ranging from 16 to 19 inches.

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